Apple TV Plus: Best Shows And Movies To Watch

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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books are mind-blowing, boundary-pushing, and overflowing with radical ideas. They are not, however, packed with compelling character drama. David Goyer’s adaptation changes all that, finding ingenious ways to keep a constant cast of characters in a galaxy-spanning saga set over a thousand years. Lavishly-staged, with effects, set, and costume design your average blockbuster would kill for, it depicts a future in which mankind has become decadent and corrupt, with a vast galactic empire ruled by a triumvirate of revolving clones (Lee Pace‘s Brother Day being the MVP). Then, Jared Harris‘ scientist predicts the fall of the Empire, the dynasty, and civilisation as they know it with his mathematical algorithm. The basic premise barely scratches the surface of what Foundation truly is (Goyer is planning eight seasons to fully explore it), the decade-spanning time jumps can be discombobulating, and there’s a whole plot thread that hinges on someone being secretly colourblind – but this is television writ large, as epic and ambitious as anything you’ve ever seen.

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