Bosch Is Back (But As A Private Eye) In The Bosch: Legacy Trailer

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If you’ve been sorely missing Titus Welliver’s grumpy, authority-pushing cop Harry Bosch ever since he left our screens in (checks notes) 2021… We’re not sure what to say, because that’s not been that long. Still, you’ll be happy to hear he’s back in spin-off Bosch: Legacy, which has its first teaser trailer online.

The show picks up after Bosch leaves the Los Angeles Police Department and strikes out on his own as a private eye. Working with former enemy and top-notch attorney, Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers), the only thing they can agree on is finding justice.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz) follows in his footsteps as a rookie patrol officer with the LAPD. A real chip off the old block, there.

It’s all loosely based on the hybrid novel The Wrong Side Of Goodbye by author and Bosch-father Michael Connelly, and promises to scratch that Boschian itch for dogged detective, criminal double-dealing and the occasional jaz record spun up in that amazing house of his.

Trading Bosch‘s Prime Video turf for IMDb TV, the show will kick off on 6 May.

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