Briton to ‘lose home’ and be deported in days after ‘unfair’ ruling on Brexit application

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“I feel hopeless and helpless. I feel we are fighting against a system that just does not want to help. They set the rules so hard. I mean, to deport someone for being four days late with an application that they never told us we had to make?“I must admit I am very ashamed of my country, of all the EU member states, to be treating citizens like this,” she said.Siri, the Danish immigration authority, said it would be unable to comment on a specific case.But they said it and other government agencies had launched information campaigns with “extensive information on the consequences of Brexit and guidance on how to apply”.Siri said it had sent three information letters to about 19,000 resident British citizens and their families, and had created a Brexit hotline for questions and had records of 290 late applications.It added it would “assess all the circumstances and reasons” a particular citizen had applied late and would process the application if there were “reasonable grounds” for the failure to meet the 31 December deadline.

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