‘Clearly knackered!’ Joe Biden mocked for looking ‘tired’ in his latest Ukraine presser

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During the eight minute press conference, the extensively spoke about rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. However, while the 79-year-old continued talking about the crucial issue, social media users were quick to notice his tired expressions. 

Former BBC journalist, Andrew Neil, tweeted: “Biden is saying the right things but he is clearly knackered.”

One social media user Jfeltsy tweeted: “Biden sounded very tired and weak.

“You can tell this issue with Russia has taken away from his afternoon naps.”

Another twitter user Chris Bamsey said: “President Biden says he is now ‘convinced’ that Russia plans to launch a full scale invasion of Ukraine ‘within a week, within days’.

“Appeared tired, stressed, rambly, left after only a couple of questions.”

However, some of the social media users had a different opinion.

Mat rosey tweeted: “He’s too old…it does happen. I hope to have an afternoon nap at his age too!”

A second user, Hetty2, tweeted: “I think considering the pressure he is under, he’s doing pretty good.”

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“We will hold Russia accountable for its actions, the West is united.

“We are ready to impose severe sanctions on Russia if it further invades Ukraine.”

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