Clive Myrie’s blunt take on propaganda over Ukraine: ‘So much c***’

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The veteran journalist, 57, has been hailed as a hero this week for his reporting on the war in Ukraine from the capital Kyiv. In addition to his updates on the conflict for BBC News, Clive was also on our TV screens last night night on ‘Celebrity Mastermind’. The presenter was announced as the new host of the BBC’s popular quiz show in March last year. The star replaced long time host John Humphrys on the programme, which marks its 50th anniversary this year.

In the latest episode – filmed last year – Clive welcomed Maria McErlane, The Vivienne, Martine Croxall and DJ Ace to the famous black chair.

The stars faced questions on their respective specialist subjects – bicycles, Cher, Nellie Bly and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.

In the second round, the famous faces put their general knowledge to the test as they battled to win money for charity and take home the ‘Mastermind’ trophy.

Over the past week, Clive has been at the forefront of BBC News’ coverage of the conflict in Ukraine.

In a rare interview on Wednesday, the star said there was “so much c*** out there” as he discussed misinformation over the situation.

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Clive was asked about his and other journalists’ experiences in the war-torn country, as well as his motivations for reporting on the conflict, which has so far claimed hundreds of lives.

He told his BBC colleague Christian Fraser: “None of us are forced to come here.

“It’s part of our job. We all feel that we want to tell the story of this war and tell it accurately and fairly.

“That is really important because there is so much…I was going to use the word c*** – I might as well.

“There is so much c*** out there that is misinformation, propaganda, nonsense.

“And if we did stay, what would be the attitude of the Russian troops – they’re going to win this, they have the force of power.

“Let’s not pretend the Ukrainian army is going to win this struggle. Because there are simply too many Russian troops.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its subsequent assaults on its neighbour have been condemned by countries around the world.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to pull his troops out of Ukraine and has continued trying to seize key territory and infrastructure.

Moscow has so far taken the city of Kherson and has also captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

Putin’s troops have also made advances on Kyiv, but Moscow’s huge military convoy still remains outside the city.

‘Celebrity Mastermind’ is available on BBC iPlayer.

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