Colbert Provides Eminem’s Rebuttal to Rudy Giuliani’s Complaints About Super Bowl Kneeling (Video)

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Stephen Colbert appears to find it very amusing that Rudy Giuliani was offended by Eminem’s Super oBwl halftime appearance. So it is that he opened Thursday’s “The Late Show” with a cold open that imagined Em’s response, a mega-disrespectful diss track that breaks down all of Giuliani’s man, many publicly documented flaws.

So of course, we assume you, the reader, are one of the many fine human beings who enjoyed the amazing Super Bowl halftime show featuring some of the greatest hip hop performers of all time. Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Emenim, Snoop Doog, 50 Cent, and even a n absolutely delightful cameo by Anderson Paak.


But what set Giuliani off, besides, we assume, bad taste in music, is that Eminem ended his portion of the halftime performance by kneeling. While appearing on a local New York radio station, Giuliani said: “Why doesn’t he go to another country? Go take a knee someplace else. You know how many cops were defending him and protecting him at that game yesterday? I mean, crime is way out of control in Los Angeles. He thinks that all happened because everybody loves Eminem.”

So yeah, that happened. So back to Colbert, who opened “The Late Show” with an Eminem parody that, like we said, brutally assesses Giuliani’s strengths and weaknesses. This includes how he was disbarred, that whole face melting thing, and his support for numerous,, obviously corrupt Trump goings on. With, we’ll add, some fairly decent rhymes.

We laughed a whole lot watching it. But don’t take our word for it, watch the whole clip here now:

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