Colbert Shows Us How ‘Stranger Things’ Looks With Trump-as-Vecna Lording Over the Upside Down (Video)

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The “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” did the impossible Thursday night, morphing the Jan. 6 Committee hearings into the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” to give us the ultimate monster from the Upside Down — Vecna, topped with Donald Trump’s massive head.

No word on whether Kathy Griffin was consulted for the segment, which was brought to you by the brilliant minds of the late-night show’s fake news team.

The bit starts with two fake news anchors mentioning separately that the Jan. 6 Committee and “Stranger Things” will return for more thrills, spills and chills in July.

The fireworks then kick off with a familiar narrator reading a similarly familiar ominous-sounding voice-over intro: “Netflix presents, the most terrifying series of the summer — ‘Stranger Hearings.’

“This July, they’re back: a rag-tag group of middle-aged kids trying to take down a monster terrorizing the bold little town of Washington, D.C.”

That monster is of course Vecna, made over with Trump’s scowling face. The show stars are, in turn, the panel overseeing the congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 riots, including none other than Committee Chair Bennie Thompson dressed for the part of Lucas and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, who rather closely resembles Dustin.

“One girl, Elle Cheney, will fight against the bro Republicans who are turning democracy into the Upside Down,” the narrator says.

Watch the full segment from “The Late Show” below.

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