Dictator’s Brains Have No Common-Senses But Bullets Only (Abdi-Shotaly).

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N.B Don’t Wait Your Lost Of Life, Take The Gun And Fight Back

My friends of
Hadhwanaag Media readers, as we inherited from Golobal experiences of all times
in history, dictators are blind, deaf and no ears to listen on their bloody
heads, having no brain to think but they know only, how to remain on chairs of
presidential Palaces by force, their main objectives is to try or manage the
law in bullet and gun sowds,they don’t care the general wellbeing of the
country and its people whom they are stealing their wealth by thefting because
they are money mongers. A good example of that people is the man whom I call
him ” The one who remained alive, after all real SNM heroes were gone and
his engaged Mare Horse” or in Somali language ” Raggii ma adigaa ka
hadhay iyo Geenyo Shaaximan” They know nothing about Governmental administration.
If the case is that, you may ask yourself why & how they came to heads of
these innocents Inhabitants of Somaliland. The answer is so simple, they came by Clan means ( The Ex-
Rainbow Union) from now and on our main target aims is to say ” Big No”
to these Rubbish Soldier’s..

Your are not supposed
to wait your lost of life, take the gun and fight back to secure your beloved
home of Somalinad. There would be nothing to wait, the unrecognised ”
Xaafad-Tooyo Administration” And his idiot followers ( You named them
ministers, but actually they are mental Soldier’s servants) Are trying all what
they can do to suppress the uprisings of our nationals, they can’t exercise it
by force, because the innocent people’s power is more stronger than their demoralised
army. They can make illegal imprisonments but this will not serve in the long
run but sometimes only. We have to fight to death in all means to achieve our
goals, even if it comes with bullet, financial, media, demonstrations or what
so ever.The long waiting opposition’s conclusion objectives, were exactly
pinpointed at last what we are Intending to activate. So our main priority is
to filful all points as it is narrated by parties heads.

Its the culture of a
person, who born poor like that soldiers at “Xaafad-Tooyo” in
Hargeisa, when he /she come to power, they stole everything of nation’s
reserves as that of Somali land’s current situation. In fact our enemy is
fighting deadly in recent times and miscalculated people’s power which is unstoppable
on every way you look, if we gather our efforts collectively in masses as
opposition at every where we are, than I am deadly sure, we can over come our
problems and succeed to overthrow this abstinate simple creature at Morgan’s
House in Hargeisa. All what we want from him (From this brainless soldier) is
to start the first bullets, than we will fight back to over throw him from the
chair. There is An English proverb saying ” If you want to peace prepare
for war and vise versa is true. My opposition supporters we have no any other
alternative but be ready to defend the survival of our democracy under any

N.B Don’t Wait Your
Lost Of Life, Take The Gun And Fight Back


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