Dozens gather in pro-Russia rally in Serbia

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 Amid Moscow’s war on Ukraine, dozens of people in Serbia’s capital Belgrade held a rally in support of Russia on Sunday.

The slogan of the rally was “The Serbs are with the Russians!”

The demonstrators were waving the Tsarist Russian flag, as well as of Serbia.

Earlier in the day, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that flights to Russia were reduced to once a day.

Serbia is one of the few European countries which had not closed its airspace to Russian planes.

“We have reduced the flights to Moscow to once a day,” said Vucic.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar said on Twitter that Air Serbia doubled its flights to Moscow at a time when the EU members stopped their flights to Russia and closed their airspace to Russian planes.

“In Europe, only Serbia did not close its airspace to Russian planes. Making money with the blood of Ukrainians does not suit a European Union candidate country,” said Dzheppar.

European Union countries closed their airspaces to Russia as a sanction for Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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