Dozens killed as buses collide in Nigeria

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Three buses collide outside northeastern Maiduguri city, leaving at least 37 people dead, many “burnt beyond recognition,” officials say.

Accidents are common on the poorly maintained roads of Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country.

At least 37 people have been killed when three buses collided outside the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the country’s road safety agency said. The accident happened on Tuesday when two commercial buses had a head-on collision and burst into flames before a third bus crashed into them, said Utten Boyi, head of the road safety agency for Borno state.”So far, 37 people have been confirmed dead, and most of them burnt beyond recognition,” Boyi said.The collision happened near Jakana village, some 35 kilometres outside Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.The collision occurred when the tyre of one of the buses burst, and it hit the vehicle coming from the opposite direction, Boyi said, blaming “excessive speeding” for the accident.READ MORE: Boat accident kills over a dozen people in northwest NigeriaPoorly maintained roadsAccidents are common on the poorly maintained roads of Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country, due largely to speeding and disregard for traffic rules.Earlier on Tuesday, 17 people were killed and four injured when their bus crashed into a truck near Nigeria’s capital Abuja, local media reported, citing a road safety official. The victims were travelling from northeastern Gombe state, according to the media reports.Nine people drowned on Saturday when their overloaded car plunged into a dam after its tyre burst outside the northern city of Kano, according to fire safety officials.READ MORE: Boat capsize tragedy in Nigeria: Death toll climbs
Source: AFP

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