‘Famine inevitable’ Russia stuck on ‘proxy war’ with West as Moscow not budging on ports

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Ms Rudik warned that the ongoing port blockades by Russian troops in Ukraine could cause widespread famine. The Ukrainian MP said her country was in the top three countries producing grain, wheat, tomatoes, and sunflower oil, before the invasion. This week Turkey announced plans to secure a deal between Ukraine, Russia, and the UN in order to tackle the export dispute and allow the movement of much-needed grain to countries around the world.

Ms Rudik told Express.co.uk: “It is a proxy war, most of the world right now is suffering the results of our blocked ports because Ukraine used to be top three producers in the world of grain, wheat, sunflower oil, tomatoes, and corn.

“And the famine as a result of this war is inevitable, and the famine not in Ukraine.

“But in the countries that were strongly reliant on the world living without the aggression.

“And the amount of people that are already involved in the war is tremendous.

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Ms Rudik added: “And it’s not only people who are fighting in the front, so if you say… And the risks of the general conflict and risks of a nuclear attack, they remain very high I would say.

“Look and everybody knows that the nuclear strike and the radioactive cloud does not choose which passport you’re holding.”

Ukraine has had its ports blocked by Russia, which has caused many countries around the world to lose out on valuable supplies of grain.

Ukraine and Russia are set to strike a deal today in order to have Ukraine’s exports released and shipped without disruption or sabotage.

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Mr Griffiths said: “Encouraged by reports that exports of Ukrainian grains through the Black Sea-Danube canal have resumed. But this is not enough.

“As food insecurity mounts around the world, opening the Black Sea route is our best bet to mitigate global hunger. The world can’t wait.”

And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shared comments on the up-and-coming deal with Russia to release the grain exports.

Mr Zelensky said: “The Ukrainian delegation has reported to me that there is progress.

“In the coming days, we will agree on the details with the UN secretary-general.”


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