GB News: Mark Dolan accuses ‘arrogant’ West for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine -‘Get a grip’

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Speaking on GB News on Friday night, Mr Dolan claimed the West had “turned a bling eye” towards Russia’s actions in the run-up to the invasion. Talking about the steps the West could have taken to prevent anything like this disastrous to take place, Mr Dolan said: “Far from challenging and threatening the evil dictator following his completely unacceptable annexation of Crimea in 2014, we have instead enriched him with the purchase of billions of dollars of oil, coal and gas and we have given him the strategic whip hand over countries like Germany.”

He continued: “What we are witnessing now, as apartment blocks in the democratic nation of Ukraine are struck by missiles, is a failure of values.

“The West, so complacent and arrogant in their economic and military dominance, have turned a blind eye to what’s actually been going on.

“They’ve been asleep at the wheel.

“Anyone could’ve told you that Vladimir Putin has for years been trying to reassemble the Soviet union, a hellish totalitarian bloc we thought we’d consigned to the dustbin of history, under the heroic leadership of Ronald Reagan, Michael Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher.”

He said: “The woke West is now more interested in pronouns than peace.”

Mr Dolan suggested the West should look ahead of coronavirus and focus on the ongoing war crisis.

He said: “And then there’s the pandemic. Another example of stupefying western arrogance.

“When in human history have we ever successfully stopped a seasonal respiratory virus?

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“This is truly existential crisis.

“It’s time to completely scrap the so-called war on Covid and get back to an active, uncompromising, thriving economy with which to pay for the colossal investment required by our armed services, as well as all of the other offices of state battered by bonkers lockdowns.”

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