Hillary Clinton Dismisses Trump’s Latest Baseless Accusation as ‘a Fake Scandal to Distract From His Real ones’

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We assure you, it is not 2016. Nevertheless, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been denouncing one another lately, with Trump baselessly accusing her of spying on him, and Clinton dismissing that as “a fake scandal to distract from his real ones.”

The former secretary of state also shared one of several comprehensive debunkings of Trump’s latest falsehoods.

Clinton was responding to accusations by John Durham, a former US attorney given what amounted to a midnight appointment to Special Counselor during the final weeks of Trump’s presidency to “investigate” the origins of Department of Justice’s investigation of his ties to Russia.

What happened is that Fox News and multiple other conservative outlets and eventually, Trump, misrepresented court paperwork Durham filed last week. In the Fox News/Trump version of events, Hillary’s campaign somehow “infiltrated” and “spied” on Trump in 2016 and even after he entered the White House. Suffice to say, not only did Durham not actually specifically say this, it also isn’t even remotely true.

Of course Trump’s particularly outraged entry into the sea of misinformation comes just as he’s facing some personal setbacks, including his accounting firm dumping him and disavowing their work on his behalf stretching back a decade. He’s also still being investigated for his role in the deadly Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection.

You can draw your own conclusions as to why Trump and so many commentators loyal to him would make the same mistake. Hillary Clinton of course made her theory about it plain.

Meanwhile, just to keep you oriented, we’ll remind you that it is, in fact, 2022.

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