Iran protests: Headmaster chased off school as students discard hijabs in dissent – video

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Young schoolgirls who discarded their hijabs in in solidarity with the late Masha Amini have screamed at their headmaster after he demanded they put the headwear back on. In footage released on social media, dozens of schoolchildren shout “Bisharaf!” at the disgruntled director of education, a Persian phrase that roughly translates to dishonourable and unethical. The chanting follows the headmaster accosting several girls over their refusal to wear their hijabs, a head covering worn by some Muslim women, in support of 22-year-old Masha Amini, who died in police detention after being detained for “unsuitable attire”. 

The headmaster can be seen approaching a group of girls outside the front of the school. While they are wearing facemasks, the majority of them have refused to wear hijabs. 

Several girls point at the teacher as he frantically tries to block their way into the school. 

Plastic water bottles are thrown at the director of education as the situation becomes tense, and the children start to chant. 

Eventually, as bottles filled with liquid are thrown, spilling onto the teacher’s attire, he retreats into the school. 

Protesters have taken to the streets across 31 Iranian provinces, as well as other countries including Turkey, the UK, Lebanon, and France, over the treatment of women under Islamic rule. 

Thousands of women have turned up in public without their hijabs, while others have staged public demonstrations cutting their hair. 

Videos have also emerged of some women burning their veils. 

While the protests were intended to be peaceful, a number of people have been killed. 

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Iranian state TV claims 41 demonstrators have died since protests began on September 17. 

But other organisations suggest that figure could be considerably higher, with Norway-based group Iran Human Rights estimating the figure to be 133.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, speaking at a military ceremony on Monday, blamed the US for what he called “riots and insecurity”. 

He said: “I say explicitly that these riots and this insecurity were a design by the US and the occupying, fake Zionist regime [Israel] and those who are paid by them, and some traitorous Iranians abroad helped them. 

“In the accident that happened, a young woman passed away, which also pained us, but reactions to her death before investigations [take place] … when some come to make the streets insecure, burn Qurans, take hijabs off covered women, and burn mosques and people’s cars – they’re not a normal, natural reaction.”


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