‘Jeopardy!’ Ukraine Question Was Pre-Taped, Quiz Show Alerted Viewers Ahead of Episode

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Anticipating audience reaction to one surprisingly timely answer of “Ukraine” on tonight’s episode of “Jeopardy!” social media staff tweeted that the show was taped in January, long before Russia invaded.

“Please note the clue in today’s show concerning Russia and the Ukraine was recorded on Jan. 11, 2022,” read the tweet.

As Twitter users pointed out, the date of the taping was displayed onscreen on the top left when the question came up to further avoid confusion.

The question, according to TMZ, was “The Kerch Strait — Along with Serious Border Issues — Separates Russia From This Country on The Black Sea.”

“It’s a completely anodyne clue, it just happens to involve Russia & Ukraine, and I assume the Jeopardy producers wanted viewers to know this was pre-taped and not using the war as a jumping-off point for some trivia,” noted one fan on Twitter.

TheWrap has reached out to Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show, for comment.

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