Jim Carrey Teases the Return of ‘The Cable Guy’ – As a Super Bowl 2022 Ad (Video)

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If you’re a decent human being, then you’re aware of “The Cable Guy,” the Ben Stiller-directed 1996 black comedy featuring Jim Carrey giving the performance of his life. And if you like it, then good news: Jim Carrey is apparently bringing him back.

As a Super Bowl 2022 commercial for Verizon, just to be clear. But we’re not complaining.

So the original film has Carrey as a creepy, lisping cable TV installation technician named “Chip” Douglas, who becomes fixated on becoming best friends with one of his clients, played by Matthew Broderick. Violence and stalking ensues.

Of course a lot has changed since the 1990s; for one big thing, cable TV is on the decline while online streaming services have largely taken its place. But people still need things that electronically deliver TV signals to them via the internet to be hooked up, and it looks like that’s what Chip is up to now. Uh oh.

“This Sunday…he’s back… and he just wants to connect! 8^•” Carrey said in a tweet containing what amounts to a trailer for the commercial itself. Watch that here now:

“Humanoids,” Carrey rasps out in Chip’s familiar lisp, “have long felt the need to escape the rigors of life through streaming content. And it is I, only I, who possess the necessary skills to fulfill that need. It is… my purpose.”

Sadly we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out just what Chip is up to. One more reason, aside from the incredible halftime show, to watch the Super Bowl, I guess.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen it before, the film came out right in the middle of Carrey’s legendary 1990s run of mainly slapstick comedy hits. Which only made his jarring performance even more remarkable. You should definitely watch it if you have time.

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