Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Matt Damon’s Super Bowl Mustache (Video)

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Like many Angelenos on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel was pretty happy about the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl victory on Sunday, so he spent a considerable amount of his monologue talking about various topics related to it.

For instance, he mocked the New York Post’s stupid attempt to stoke outrage that Snoop Dogg smoked cannabis just before performing. He also poked fun at how fan celebrations in Downtown LA went a bit too far. But more importantly, he took some time out to roast his hated arch enemy Matt Damon, for Damon’s new mustache.

After joking that the Super Bowl was “Crypto awareness night” because of all those weird ads, Kimmel dug in.

He noted NBC’s decision to follow up the Super Bowl with Olympics ice events; “It was like following WrestleMania with the Tony Awards,” Kimmel joked. “I loved watching NBC try to convince football fans to stay up and watch. It was like, ‘If you love football, stick around for the exact opposite!’”

Kimmel then noted how Rams safety Taylor Rapp proposed to his girlfriend, and how wide receiver Van Jefferson’s wife went into labor during the game. Then he started talking about all the celebrities at the game.

“Because the game was in L.A. – it was even more star-studded than usual. Usually, most of the celebrities at these games are there to plug their new high-octane detective series, but this year, the stars were out in force,” he said. Then he showed a clip of celebs from news coverage that ended with Matt Damon, sporting a new mustache, while the announcer said Damon was “finding his spot.”

“Finding his spot,” Kimmel sneered, “finding his spot in the bad mustache hall of fame. I mean, come on now. What is that? That’s a mustache — Justin Bieber laughs at that mustache. My God.”

“Did you know Matt Damon gave all that money he made from that crypto commercial to charity? You know why he did it? Because no one likes him. It’s the only way he can get anyone to like him,” Kimmel added. So far Damon hasn’t responded. We’ll see if and how he escalates the fake feud they’ve been having.

Meanwhile, you can watch the whole monologue above now. 

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