Jon Watts Reportedly In Talks To Direct New Star Wars Series

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While we can well believe that Disney and Lucasfilm have any number of Star Wars shows in development before they’re officially confirmed, we’re still going to keep the Rumour Alert Klaxon handy for this latest report: Jon Watts, who directed the last three Spidey movies (including box office smash No Way Home) is in talks to handle at least one episode of a mysterious new series.

According to Discussing Film, the series has the code name Grammar Rodeo, and appears to have at least Jon Favreau involved (which is no surprise given his importance to the various Wars series so far).

And little has emerged about the show, aside from whispers that it could skew younger, sort of a Stranger Things set in that galaxy far, far away and potentially connected to the High Republic Era.

Watts has a busy time ahead of him, as he’s attached to make a new, untitled film for Apple TV+ starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, producing Final Destination 6 for HBO Max and, sticking with the Disney front, directing the new Fantastic Four, the initial full outing for Marvel’s first family in the MCU. On the TV front, he’s also directed the pilot for The Old Man, starring Jeff Bridges, which will likely hit FX in the States and Disney+ here later this year.

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