Kimmel Gets His Own Pizza-Themed Crocs for Charity and Honestly, They’re Good (Video)

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On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel did a few jokes about current events during his monologue — mostly involving Donald Trump — but then he ditched that whole thing for something much more fun: His new line of Crocs.

Kimmel isn’t changing jobs — he’s teamed up with Colorado-based Crocs Inc. to design his own signature Crocs to raise money for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. And the shoes they settled on somehow capture both the philosophy of wearing them, and their unique fashion footprint.

Pizza. He made pizza shoes. And we love it. You can watch the whole monologue above, but the Crocs stuff begins about 7 minutes in.

Of course you know by know that one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic era was a massive shift in fashion that emphasizes comfort and personal uniqueness — trends that started early in the lockdown months of 2020, and show no signs of stopping. Crocs became a huge beneficiary of it, transforming them from often-mocked fashion pariah to legitimately cool fashion statements, and the image of their fans into something like chill hippie sneakerheads.

This must be why Jimmy Kimmel picked the brand for his charity initiative. In the monologue, after the current events jokes, Kimmel rolled a clip of him meeting with Crocs reps to discuss the new shoes. It’s similar to how the mascot for the LA Bowl was designed last December.

Of course as always for these videos, the meeting sees Kimmel, and his sidekick Guillermo, pitching some weird and funny ideas, until arriving at the idea for a pizza-themed shoe. After that clip, Kimmel threw a fashion show with runway models carrying droppy pizza slices and wearing the shoes.

You can register to buy Jimmy Kimmel x Crocs right now on the Crocs website. And no, we’re not kidding, these are actually some pretty great Crocs. And they even come with unique jibbitz (those are the charms people use to personalize their Crocs), including pizza toppings as well as Kimmel’s and Guillermo’s faces (if you want them).

Jimmy Kimmel Live Crocs Charity

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