Luck runs out for Indian swindler who conned 14 wealthy women into marriage

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The Tinder Swindler better watch out because 64-year-old Bibhu Prakash Swain from India seems to be coming for his throne after he managed to convince 14 women to marry him before skedaddling with their money.

According to a report by British publication the Daily Mail, in each of his 14 marriages, which span more than a 40-year period, Swain vanished into thin air after getting his hands on the money of his brides.

Introducing himself to his victims as a doctor, lawyer or engineer, Swain mostly targeted women on dating websites who had kids from previous marriages or were recently divorced.

According to local reports, none of the swindler’s 14 victims, who live in seven different states, was aware of the others’ existence, as he duped them into believing he was a deputy director who had to travel often due to work.

Weirdly enough, Swain’s scheme came crashing down, only when one of his wives filed a complaint against him in 2021 upon learning of the conman’s other marriages, leading to his eventual arrest.

Briefing the public about Swain, Deputy Commissioner of Bhubaneshwar Police Umashankar Dash said the defendant preyed on women on dating websites, love bombing them into marriage and then asking for money or assets to be transferred to his name.

“The women’s profiles all show that they’re highly educated and hold key positions in various government and private sector organizations,” Dash added.

Swain was charged with fraud and forgery, as well as violating section 494 of the Marriage Act, which criminalizes polygamy after the police uncovered the serial swindler’s scheme upon receiving several complaints.

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