Man falls into 720C molten aluminium furnace but survives after pulling himself out

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A man has fallen into a furnace filled with molten aluminium. The liquid was around 720 degrees Celsius, according to reports.This equates to around 1,320 degrees Fahrenheit.The young man was working on top of the furnace with a college at the time of the incident.The factory he works in is located in St Gallen, north-eastern Switzerland.His identity has not been revealed.MailOnline reports that the electrician was immersed in the molten metal up to his keens.Despite this, he was able to pull himself out of the furnace.Emergency services were called to the scene to tend with the young man’s wounds.Swiss air rescue doctors and paramedics gave care in the factory itself.READ MORE: Cryptocurrency trader FTX collapses into bankruptcyThe Mirror reports that in 2018, a man was lucky to escape with his life after a huge vat of molten metal crashed down onto a factory floor, believed to be in Iran.CCTV footage from inside the warehouse shows him walking across the room as a bracket – holding a container full of the substance – gave way.The liquid then gushed onto the ground, covering the spot where the man had been walking just moments before.

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