NATO issues warning over ‘dangerous threat’ – alliance sends ‘very clear message’ to Putin

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has warned that Russia could step up military activity and spill over the conflict to NATO allies. In an exclusive interview with Sky News’ Kay Burley, Secretary-General Stoltenberg insisted NATO allies were “not part of the conflict.” The military alliance is increasing its military presence around Ukraine to send a “very clear message” to Vladimir Putin that if a NATO ally is attacked, the alliance will respond. Mr Stoltenberg said: “The brutal reality is that faced with Russia’s military build-up, the will to use force against neighbours, there is a need to invest more in defence”.


“When we live in a more dangerous world, when we se the aggressive actions of President Putin against sovereign peaceful nations in Europe and Ukraine and all the threats and rhetoric against NATO allies, then we need to invest more. 

“And that is exactly what NATO allies are doing. The UK in total spends more than 2 percent. 

“But we need to do more together and we need to invest in new more modern capabilities to ensure that we are able also to protect us in the future”, Mr Stoltenberg said.

When asked about whether NATO allies will have to commit to more defence spending, the NATO’s Secretary-General emphasised NATO’s minimum contribution is two percent of GDP. 

“My focus now is to ensure that all our NATO allies meet that guideline. 

“The good news is that more and more allies spend two percent more on defence and those who are not yet at two percent have clear plans in place to reach two percent.”

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