Nato stands firm on Russia: Nato chief statement in full – ‘No de-escalation seen’

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“To lay bare to the world what Russia is doing and to make it harder for Russia to conduct aggressive actions.

“At the same time, NATO Allies remain ready to engage with Russia.

“On the 26th of January, I invited Russia to a series of meetings in the NATO-Russia Council.

“We sent concrete proposals for a substantive agenda. To listen to the Russian concerns, share ours, and look for common ground.

“We are ready to discuss NATO-Russia relations, European security including the situation in and around Ukraine and risk reduction, transparency and arms control.

“But we will not compromise on our core principles. Every nation has the right to choose its own path.

“And there will never be first class and second class members of NATO. We are all NATO Allies.

“We have stepped up deterrence and defence across the Alliance. To remove any room for misunderstanding or miscalculation.

“We have deployed more troops, planes, and ships to the eastern part of the Alliance.”

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