NATO undermining allies with refusal to act ‘If Putin invaded Lithuania, NATO do nothing’

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The West and NATO have come under fire for adopting a weak ‘”Chamberlain position” in response to Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine. Former Ukrainian PM Oleksiy Honcharuk raised the infamous appeasement of Adolf Hitler by British Prime Minister Nevile Chamberlain as he turned on NATO’s inaction. 

Mr Honcharuk told LBC: “What I see now, I see absolutely incredibly weak response from the west and from MATO, incredibly weak.

“Every week step from NATO, showing Mr Putin that you are weak, you are scared and you will not fight if he’s attacked you.

“I’m sure that after Ukraine, the Baltic countries will be the next targets, the next target and I think that in the existing situation, even if Putin will invade Lithuania or Estonia NATO will do nothing.

“I’m sure about this because you are scared of some nuclear threats, and so on and so forth.”

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He added this Chamberlain tactic, this Chamberlain position is very weak.

“It’s too little too late even to instal economic sanctions.

“It’s not enough now we need total economic-financial trade embargo, total isolation and the direct military support.

“So you can do this now and we can stop him together.”

“Ukraine fights back successfully.

“We need you to help us fight.

“Provide us with all necessary weapons,” Mr Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

“Apply more sanctions on Russia and isolate it fully. Help Ukraine force Putin into failure and you will avert a larger war.”

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