Paranoid Putin sends Russian bombers to patrol Sea of Japan in furious Biden retaliation

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The flight from the aircraft duo lasted around seven hours. They were accompanied by South Korean F-16s at some stages of the route, the Russian Defence Ministry said.  Earlier this week, the US and South Korea started their largest combined military training in years as they increased their defence posture against the growing threat from North Korea. The drills could threaten a furious backlash from North Korea, which has ramped up its weapons testing activity to a record pace this year.

The country, led by Kim Jong-un, has also repeatedly threatened conflicts with Seoul and Washington amid a prolonged stalemate in diplomacy.

The current military exercises in South Korea will continue until September 1 and include field exercises involving aircraft, warships, tanks as well as a reported tens of thousands of troops.

The US and South Korea have attempted to play down the exercises, but North Korea could see them as invasion rehearsals and has used them to justify its nuclear weapons and missiles development.


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