‘Prepared to die’ Putin’s puppet delivers horrifying purpose of life class to kids – VIDEO

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Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov lectured Russian children on what the purpose of life is, citing a Soviet poet in reference to the current war in Ukraine as he told his young audience people should live “only when [they] know what [they] are prepared to die for”. Speaking on a stage facing the young listeners, he praised Russian soldiers for “fighting on the side of the good” in Ukraine and for “standing and covering with their own bodies the children who are being killed by Ukro-nazis” troops.

Speaking on Russia state TV, Vladimir Solovyov said: “The aim of a person’s life is not to go on living happily within the dimensions of a single life.

“It’s very easy to recognise what your destiny and purposes are if you’re materialistic, buy a car, a flat.

“That’s wonderful and that’s all great, but it’s not a purpose.

Citing Soviet communist poet Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov, he stressed: “You should only live when you understand what you are prepared to die for.”

He continued: “We’re the greatest country.”

“Not because we’re better off than everyone else – No! Not because our life expectancy is the highest – No!

“We are the greatest country because we have the greatest destiny!”

Solovyov, a longtime supporter of Vladimir Putin, added: “We are fighting on the side of the good, we are standing and covering with our own bodies the children who are being killed by Ukro-nazis!

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“We are fighting on the side of good! Your brothers and fathers, they’re there on the front line and every day they’re doing a difficult man’s job”.

BBC correspondent Francis Scarr, who shared the clip on Twitter, commented: “If you thought Vladimir Solovyov’s TV tirades were something else, listen to him lecture an audience of Russian kids about the purpose of life”.

As part of the EU sanction package to Russia, the host had lost two Italian luxury villas on Lake Como.

The life lesson Solovyov offered to young children sparked ridicule online, with Twitter user @0xB0D commenting: “Buying a flat isn’t a purpose’ – So true coming from a man who bought a shagging villa in Italy”. 

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Another user @nix75896554 reacted: “It’s funny how they all talk about how great to die in Ukraine, while purchasing villas in Italy”.

@MarkPow49199286 wrote: “When indoctrination amounts to child abuse”.

Following the implementation of the EU sanctions, in his show, the Russian host raged at the EU and said: “I was told that Europe is a citadel of rights, that everything is permitted, that’s what they said, I know from personal experience about the so-called ‘sacred property rights’.

“With every transaction, I was bringing paperwork demonstrating my official salary, income, I did it all. I bought it, paid crazy amount of taxes, and I did everything.

“And suddenly someone makes a decision that this journalist is now on the list of sanctions…right away it affects your real estate”.

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