Putin nuclear warning as unhinged Russian leader tipped to drop bomb near Britain

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The Russian President put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on high alert amid Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Experts have been warning Putin could use a nuclear device at sea between the UK and Denmark.

Patrick Bury a lecturer in Defence and Strategic Studies at the University of Bath, told the New Scientist that there’s about a 20 percent chance that Putin’s warning over Ukraine will lead to an actual nuclear detonation.

He added that the Russian President is likely to use a small “tactical” nuclear weapon against Ukrainian troops or detonate a larger device at sea as a show of force.

Echoing the warning, Pavel Felgenhauer, a defence analyst based in Moscow, told the Scottish Press and Journal: “An option is to explode a nuclear weapon somewhere over the North Sea between Britain and Denmark and see what happens.”

He said the alternative could see Putin cutting all gas supplies to Europe, forcing it into a corner.

Earlier, a minute of silence was held for the victims of fighting in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has enlivened the deadlocked arms negotiating forum that has failed to reach a deal in decades despite holding over 1,600 plenary meetings.

At the same meeting, Ukraine’s foreign minister accused Russia of war crimes through its shelling of his country and the ambassador called for a special meeting to address Russian aggression and weapons of mass destruction.

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