Putin orders dozens of terrifying hypersonic 6,700mph nuclear-capable Zircon missiles

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Vladimir Putin has ordered dozens of terrifying hypersonic Zircon nuclear-capable missiles that can travel at eye-watering speeds of 6,700mph, it has been claimed. The Mach 9 weapon, known as ‘Tsirkon’ in Russia, could reportedly come into service before the end of this year. Putin is continuing to spend huge sums on the development of new nuclear-capable missiles, which he claims are “unstoppable” by Western air defences.The new order of the Zircon nuclear-capable missiles has not been officially announced, but reports of it were carried out by Russian state news agency TASS.A source close to the Russian Defence Ministry said: “The first contract for the production of a batch of Tsirkons was signed in the summer of 2021. An additional contract was signed this autumn.”The insider added the most recent contract will see the delivery of “several dozen” Zircon 6,670mph missiles in 2023. The missile, which has been seen fired from the Admiral Gorshkov warship, has been the subject of several rigorous tests.Earlier this year, a missile fired from the vessel in the Barents Sea hit a target more than 600 miles away in the White Sea.The news will come as a boost to Putin’s crumbling war plan in Ukraine, particularly as doubts remain over whether his 15,880mph Satan-2 hypersonic missile – or Sarmat will be deployed in the timescale originally stated.This week, Russia would only say a second test of the horrifying weapon “may” come before the end of the year. But this is in contrast to what the Kremlin had been hoping for, which was intending the mammoth missile would be fully deployed with its forces before the start of 2023.Nearly a year ago, Putin announced a “flawless” salvo launch involving the Zircon.In January, Deputy Defence Minister Alexey Kryvoruchko said: “The state tests of the Zircon sea-based hypersonic cruise missile are nearing completion. From 2022, serial deliveries will begin.”READ MORE: Germany pulls U-turn as Scholz delays nuclear phase-outPreviously, the captain of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate Igor Krokhmal had said: “No one will see the missile launch or its flight. They will only see when the missile hits the target.”A surface target, a coastal target. I don’t think there will be anything to counter this in the next few years.”The launch of terrifying new and destructive missiles comes as Putin comes under massive pressure over Russia’s continued humiliating collapse during the Ukraine war.Russian troops have suffered numerous devastating losses in the battlefield and have been pushed back out of key regions by heroic Ukrainian counter offensive operations.The latest humiliation has seen some 30,000 Russian troops withdraw from Kherson, leading to jubilant scenes among Ukrainians in the city.

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