Putin poised to launch massive retaliatory airstrike during G20 summit, says Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin could launch a massive strike during the G20 meeting on November 15 and 16, according to a Ukrainian air force commander.Colonel Yurii Ihnat said the Russian leader prefers to “carry out some kind of provocations around such days”.Russia has been launching missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.The last large scale missile barrage occurred on October 31, hitting power stations around the country.In that attack, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and other cities were hit. The strikes have led to increased calls for Western allies to provide Ukraine with state of the art air defence systems.READ MORE: Putin’s ‘dambuster revenge’ as fears grow that dam was destroyedNASAMS have reportedly been used to protect the skies over Washington DC, meaning confidence in the system’s ability is likely high.The surface-to-air missile systems will also help to protect Ukrainian cities against attacks by Iranian-made Shahed 136 suicide drones.Russia has been launching waves of the drones at civilian infrastructure. They are small and slow moving and, therefore, hard to shoot down.Ukraine has reportedly been destroying the UAVs with small arms fire, air defence systems and has even been using fighter jets to shoot down the drones.With the arrival of the advanced air defences and stockpiles of missiles for the systems, Ukraine may be able to protect its critical infrastructure from the Russia strikes.

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