Putin won’t be ‘replaced by a nice man’ as war to rage for next ’60 years’, warns expert

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Professor Michael Clarke warned that the war in Ukraine could go on for decades to come. The military expert claimed that the ongoing war in Ukraine was likely not going to be a short one. Professor Michael Clarke gave his predictions on the battle and forecasted a series of cease-fires between the two neighbouring countries. The war in Ukraine has been raging for over six months, and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have been put on pause.

Mr Clarke told Times Radio: “Putin will not be replaced by a nice man, the thing we’re certain of, it will be a man.

“But nobody who is around Putin is likely to be that different, this is not going to be a short war.

“We are in for an antagonism, between Russia and Ukraine, and Russian and the rest of us which is generational.

“So to go for 40, 50, 60 years and what will happen is that the war in Ukraine will go through a series of cease fires.

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Mr Clarke added: “Which break down into new wars, remember this is already the second war.

“The first one war of Ukraine 2014, this war number two and there will probably be a cease-fire I guess sometime next year.

“And that will last for two or three years, and it will break down there will be a third war in the late 2020s, then a cease-fire and that will break down and so on.”

Other experts have been wondering who will replace Putin, as there has been no hint as to who his successor will be.

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Mr Ellwood, told Times Radio: “We’re in for a very, very difficult decade.

“Our world will change. I suspect, horrible to say so, that we will see a tactical nuclear weapon used in the next 10 years.”

Mr Ellwood added: “I hope that will then wake people up to say, Wow, life is going to get dangerous. What are we going to do about it? Britain step’s forward, perhaps when other nations hesitate, other nations around the world look to Britain for leadership.

“We do need another Churchill right now.”

“Authoritarianism is on the rise.

“Those postwar institutions such as the United Nations, designed to constrain rogue states are no longer fit for purpose.

“So our global order is being upended and we’re in denial both Russia and China see this is their time and they’re taking advantage of how risk-averse The West has become.

“They are progressively working together to exploit our willingness, or hesitance now are very the absence or willingness to step forward and to defend our way of life.”


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