Rishi Sunak confronts Russia at G20 as Putin set to ‘hear the chorus of global opposition’

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According to a statement from Downing Street on Sunday, the Prime Minister will meet Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov while at the summit. It is set to be his first in-person meeting with a Russian government official since the Ukrainian invasion and Mr Sunak vowed to “call out Putin’s regime”.The Prime Minister said: “At the G20, leaders need to step up to fix weaknesses in the international economic system which Putin has exploited for years.”Mr Sunak will be joined by US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and China’s leader Xi Jinping in their condemnation of Russia’s actions.At the first ever G20 amid a war in Europe, the Prime Minister will sit down with the leaders of the world’s 19 largest economies and vowed that Putin’s regime “will hear the chorus of global opposition”.The focus on Russia’s actions in Ukraine means there is concern for the traditional joint statement at the end of the summit which sees all leaders agree to striving towards a common goal.With Russia part of the G20, it is unlikely there will be coherence in the goals of the leaders.The Prime Minister said: “There can be no normalisation of Putin’s behaviour, which has no place in the international community.“Russia’s actions put all of us at risk.“As we give the Ukrainian people the support they need, we are also harnessing the breadth and depth of UK expertise to protect ourselves and our allies.”READ MORE: The Crown’s Princess Diana star had ‘hardest job’ portraying royalAlso on Monday, Mr Sunak is expected to attend a session on health and to hold a meeting with an official representative of Saudi Arabia.During the conference, the Prime Minister will also meet Joe Biden for the first time, and will have talks with Australian PM Anthony Albanese, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Japan’s Premier Fumio Kishida.Mr Sunak will be keen to alter Britain’s reputation on the global stage following the recent embarrassments of the revolving door at Downing Street.

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