Russia stockpiling ‘hypersonic’ cruise missile able to circumvent Western defences

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A foreign-policy analyst has revealed that Russia is in possession of a range of “superweapons” to deploy against NATO and the United States in the event of a war. Clint Ehrlich has revealed the Kremlin has “hypersonic” cruise missiles able to take out US military sites. 

Mr Ehrlich told “We heard a lot about when China did that hypersonic test that went effectively around the world.

“But what’s important to understand is that that was a glide vehicle propelled by an ICBM and then only manoeuvres later at the terminal end of a flight, it’s not an independently manoeuvrable missile.

“Russia has the Zircon missile, it’s a hypersonic cruise missile that can manoeuvre independently and so that is arguably the most advanced operational weapons system on the planet.

“Part of why that was built was to be able to get around any potential anti-missile defences that the West could field.”

He added: “Russia then also has IBM’s with extended range that is the ability to send missiles around the South Pole instead of the North Pole, in order to circumvent Western radar systems linked to ABM sites.

“There are additional superweapons that they’ve been developing a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

“This was actually something that the United States looked at during the Cold War, and it was viewed to be too dangerous because if the fear is that if the React the nuclear reactor on the bottom of the missile malfunctions, you can just have this thing that starts going around the earth over and over and over again spewing nuclear waste.

“Russia has been developing that as a potential weapon.”

It comes as US intelligence warns Russia could use fabricated atrocity footage as a “false flag” to justify an incursion of Ukraine. 

This week US Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer told MSNBC: “[The video] would involve actors playing mourners for people who are killed in an event that they [Russia] would have created themselves… [and] deployment of corpses to represent bodies purportedly killed.”

The Kremlin has denied accusations in the past that it is trying to manufacture a conflict and says it is not planning an invasion.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the reports saying: “It’s obvious that these are not steps aimed at de-escalating tensions, but on the contrary, they are actions that lead to increasing tension.”

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