Single mother shares ‘infuriating’ text she received from date about post-baby body

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A woman has sparked an outpouring of support after sharing a conversation that she had with a potential Tinder date, in which he body-shamed her postpartum body.

In a video posted to TikTok, Sarah Josephine shared screenshots of the conversation, along with the text caption: “When he asks you on a date then cancels because of your loose belly skin.”

According to Josephine, a divorced mother, she had sent her date a bathing suit picture of herself from earlier this year, in which she could be seen smiling on a sunny beach.

In response, the man proceeded to body-shame her, writing: “Yeah, the loose skin thing from the pregnancy is the only thing. I appreciate you being so understanding, that’s rare I promise lol.” She captioned the TikTok: “Where do men find the audacity?”

Viewers were horrified by the Tinder date’s response to the TikToker’s photo, with one person writing: “What loose skin?!?”

Others were confused why a single man would say this to his potential date, with another person commenting: “As a lesbian, I legitimately can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman just because of loose skin or stretch marks. Do men even like women?”

The comment prompted a response from Josephine, who wrote: “Short answer: No. Long answer: Also, no.”

“This is so infuriating,” someone else wrote.

Josephine also noted in the comments that she agreed with those who told her she was lucky to have seen his red flags early, writing: “I dodged a nuclear bomb and I’m not even mad about it haha.”

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