Slow Horses: MI5 Losers Are Banished To A Satellite Office In The Trailer For The Spy Series

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We got our first proper look at the Apple TV+ adaptation of Mick Herron’s successful, entertaining and often darkly comic spy novel series Slow Horses last month, and now here comes the trailer, featuring the likes of Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Olivia Cooke and Jonathan Pryce.

The books follow the less-than-by-the-book behaviour of Jackson Lamb (Oldman), a brilliant, scruffy and frequently furious leader of a group of MI5 misfits, who all end up posted to his Slough House facility after screwing up missions (or being maneuvered into doing so by Thames House rivals).

Jack Lowden is River Cartwright, the latest officer banished to Lamb’s team, and essentially the audience substitute in exploring this world. Cooke’s playing Sid Baker, a sharp agent and River’s officemate. Outside the office, Thomas is Diana Taverner, a powerful, conflicted agent at Thames House and Pryce is set as River’s grandfather, himself a retired agent.

Regular Armando Iannucci collaborator Will Smith is executive producer here, working alongside Graham Yost, no stranger to bringing unorthodox literary heroes to life with Justified.

Slow Horses will launch on 1 April with the first two episodes, followed by the remaining four once a week.

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