Somaliland Political CRISES Must Come To An End ( Abdi-Shotaly)

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N. B The Likes Of National Inhabitants is Absolutely The Hatering Of Dictator’s Stances.

We the Somaliland
citizens urge the international community to hold this dictator and his
administration accountable for his actions and the destruction of Somaliland’s

This Deaf so called
president and his Mafia Group controls everything, failed to hold the
democratic national elections on time, in order for him and his administration
to stay in power illegally.

The international
community must stand shoulder to shoulder with the Somaliland people who have
voiced their concerns a loud and clearly pinpointed the weather of  speech freedom, althrough peaceful
demonstrations or organized conferences that has been held by the major clans
of somaliland  like the Garxajis conference
that happened in Burco on the 25th of October 2022- 27/10/22 in

Which they have clearly
stated that if this man on chair, does not come back to the negotiating table
and agree to hold the presidential elections within the nine months period that
the Somaliland Commission have stated, they will not recognize him as the president
of Somaliland, which means in no doubt and for sure, civil war will
automatically starts, so the country will become in jokes and rule of law would
be out of control.

There is an English
proverb saying ” The bads of dictator’s is the best of his nationals”
this is exactly what is going around Somaliland boundaries at this current
times or for the last five years of Soldier’s Administration. In another
proverb which describing same as the top English proverb is ” The likes of
national inhabitants is absolutely the hatering of dictator’s stances” So
The Somaliland people demands, this man should hold a national elections as
soon as possible, in Order Somaliland democracy continue as a democratic
country and a peaceful safe haven for all but not for few.

The Somaliland people
are very concerned about their future & is demonstrating signs and signals
of a very dangerous dictator. The international community

must take everything
that happened in Somaliland the past five years very seriously and hold this
dictators account for his failures as a president and signals to him that they
will not continue to support Somaliland while he is obstructing the course of
democracy. He has to and must hold the national presidential election, in Order
a Somaliland get the support it needs from the international community.

* N. B The Likes Of
National Inhabitants is Absolutely The Hatering Of Dictator’s Stances.

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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