Sri Lankan President flees to the Maldives as protestors storm his home amid unrest

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The President was expected to step down as President only a few hours after his flight took off following his handling of the crippling economic crisis in Sri Lanka. The resignation due on Wednesday was to see a unity Government formed following protests on Saturday which saw people storm the President and the Prime Minister’s official residences to demand his resignation.

Protests picked up and began in May which caused the resignation of President Rajapaksa’s brother, the then Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The former Prime Minister resigned as protests became violent and he went into hiding at a military base in the East of Sri Lanka.

Last Saturday these protests erupted once again despite never going away as hundreds of thousands of people stormed into Colombo and occupied key governmental buildings.

Despite the President promising his resignation along with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who vowed to leave once a new government was formed, protesters are continuing their occupation until the leaders have been removed.

Protesters went as far as to burn the home of the Prime Minister as part of their message for him to immediately leave his post.

Footage has emerged of activists swimming in the pool of the presidential palace, playing games inside the palace and enjoying picnics in its garden.

Children have also been seen at the Palace with their parents following the closure of schools due to the lack of electricity to run them.

A government source said the President left for Male, the capital of the Maldives but it was thought he would then move on to another Asian country.

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A ban on chemical fertilisers negatively impacted farm output which meant that the ban was later reversed but that also had a damaging impact on the economy.

With rationed petrol, closed schools, and a shortage of food, the people of Sri Lanka blame the President and his family for many of their money woes.

The election for a new President who would serve until 2024 is due to be held on July 20 though it has been reported that there is a struggle to choose his replacement and that of the PM and the Cabinet.

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