Suldan Ade-Gude Was Hijacked By Dictator’s Son ( Abdi-Shotaly).

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* N.B Early To Act Always Makes Prefect Good Results

This unrest has sparked
tensions amongst tribes and can cause serious damage to the peace in
Somaliland. I am deeply concerned for Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade gude safety and
health. I urge the International Communi to speak up with this nasty
administration and put pressure to stop the excessive use of force, abuse and
torture. The detention of a prominent figure like Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade Gude
will cause more tension and could potentially lead to further civil unrest.
Sultan  Cade-Gude was hijacked by the son
of dictator’s administrational and his tribal gangs, today this above named
Suldan was transferred  to Mandera
Central Prison without any case, he did not exercised any wrong doings but all
what they jailed is why he tell the truth instead of lying.


In the last few months
Somalilanders were apposing the current soldier’s Administration after they
have experienced human rights abuses. The biggest protest took place last week
in the streets of Hargeisa, Burao, Las-anod, Borama, Erigavo, Berbera and so
many districts of the country, where opposition party’s supporters have had
live bullets fired so called and misled police, who works under the direct
command of the man in chair.


 It is the first time this relatively safe
country has experienced such abuses and violence from its administration. Only
a few days ago the mass-Graved burial took place who are all young people
killed during the protests. Three nights before,a leading figure, One of the
Garxajis Suldanates ” Sultan Ahmed Cisman Cade-Gude” Has been hijacked
in front of his home. It has never happened in Somaliland history.The current
government of this dictator’s administration has committed atrocities against
protesters, arrested many opposing figures and tortured them in prison whilst
they are detained.

* N.B Early To Act
Always Makes Prefect Good Results

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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