Time And Tide Waits For No Man ( Abdi-Shotaly).

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Good morning Everybody.

Wasting a chance of
your life survival, is a matter of your death penalties. We are only 7 days
away from 13 November, the designed day of Somaliland presidential election, we
have to be prepared to defend our democracy and fight to death or alive. We the
Somaliland nationals are facing a very difficult time in all walks of life,
whether it’s a justice, corruption, prisoning innocent people, lacking freedom
of speech, cost of basic foods are  all
gone to an affordable ranges, killing and wounding honourable heads, such as
opposition politicians, parliamentary MPs, targeting media centres and
journalists,  destruction of our national
constitution, opening illegal political groups ( what they call them in Somali
urur siyaasadeed) which is not exsits and basically illegall.

My readers, there is an
English proverb saying ” Time and tide waits for no man” It is true
and fact, if you waste your life securing time, you absolutely loss and put
yourself in risk, my friends, now it’s time to act and secure your future. We
lost what all our four previous presidents did for us in a matter of 5 years,
which is since this hungry soldiers robbed and thoroughly abused the power,
stealed all wealth, financial, robbed the plots of poor residential nationals.
If you are really honest to your people, country and Somaliland as whole,
please look carefully, the soldier in ” Xaafad-Tooyo” Got more than
150 Villas in Hargeisa Only, excluding the big farm Of Mr Osman Dacas, this
farm has four water engines which irrigates it while the rest of Somalilanders
all dying for scarcity of water or having no drop of it, is that logically
acceptable? No it isn’t.  The question is
” How long you gone be tolerant in this situation?”

 This is intolerable act, because we are
between death and life, look and watch will do nothing for us but putting as
automatically to grave. We have to kick him out this mental soldier and his
theaf followers, who lives in lies, theft, bribery, thinking only for
themselves but not for the well being of our land and people. This man’s family
” The man who remained alive when all real SNM heroes were died in
liberation” His eldest son Mohamed become the richest man in East Africa
in five years only, the rubbish one who called Ahmed, is one of the most powerful
so called soldier in his father’s Amry. He kidnaps our nationals from the
streets, puts them in specialised houses that he rented by his mental and deaf
dad at Morgan’s House in Hargeisa. My colleagues, I concluded this article in
very few important words which is so valuable to us, if you want a Somaliland
for all but not for few. Don’t ignore the realities. We don’t need to waste our
golden time of today ( this current situation). Be prepared to fight for
freedom, seek liberty, and librate this country from theoe hungry mafia, who
are looking only for their stomachs and wating to have a post from soldiers
mal- administration. Be careful of what you are doing.

* N. B Wasting Your
Chance Of Life Survival, Is A Matter Of Your Death penalties .

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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