Tucker Carlson Says Desegregated Busing ‘Wrecked’ America’s Schools (Video)

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On Monday, Tucker Carlson had yet another moment in which he appeared to insinuate agreement with racists. This time, it happened when he made a statement during his Fox News show that at least sounds very much like he opposes the desegregation of American schools.

His statement came in the form of a seemingly random aside during a rant about the governmental crisis in Sri Lanka, which Carlson claims is the fault of liberals and environmentalism. This is not actually the case, but it’s an argument being advanced by conservatives to explain the truly chaotic disaster the country’s economy has become.

“So we know what you’re thinking: ‘Oh, so pampered, lifestyle liberals just destroyed something else. They did to Sri Lanka what busing did to American education, just absolutely wrecked it and walked away like it never happened. That’s the downside. People’s lives were destroyed. It happened a lot,” he said. See for yourself at the top of the page or go here.

Carlson always denies that he is racist. and perhaps he didn’t think through the fact that if someone argues that desegregated busing, a core component of desegregating schools, “wrecked” American education, it sounds like they’re suggesting that that they oppose desegregation. But again, whenever he’s asked Carlson insists he isn’t racist.

In any event, it’s a reminder that in 2020, one of Carlson’s top writers had to resign after it came out that he frequented white supremacist websites and posted racist, sexist and homophobic statements there.

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