Turkish construction firm provides low-carbon solutions with volumetric structures

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With its “modern construction methods” in volumetric modular solutions, Turkish construction firm Dorce Prefabrik provides low-carbon and energy-efficient production, less waste, and low risk of error, the company said.

Turkiye’s construction industry has started the process of decarbonization following the Climate Change Law that the country passed in 2019, introducing a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Dorce Prefabrik said in a statement.

The firm’s volumetric modular solutions shorten construction times without sacrificing quality and safety, it underlined, adding: “With the relocation of the construction site to the factory, the need for equipment, machinery and labor in the field is significantly reduced.”

In Qatar, the company has completed the largest pandemic complex in the region, where temperatures can reach 60 C degrees (140 F), with the Umm Salal COVID-19 Hospital Complex, which has a capacity of 4,000 beds. It has also built the worker accommodation camps for mining areas in Kazakhstan, where equally harsh weather conditions can lead to up to temperatures of minus 50 C (minus 58 F).

Likewise, it serves many different projects and sectors, from modular kindergartens in Switzerland to integrated migrant facilities in various parts of eastern Anatolia, where hundreds of thousands of migrants are accommodated.

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