Ukraine LIVE: US hosts defence meeting today as Russian spies hand over missile secrets

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A Russian talk show guest has warned of a potential revolt in Russia and compared the country’s current state to the run-up to the 1917 revolution which toppled the Tzar.The pundit told fellow panellists on state television that the Russian public needed to be prepared for a “long and difficult” war over Ukraine and warned that during World War I in 1916 the Tsar had mistakenly thought that public support for the conflict was endless.The pundit said: “In August of 1914, Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov also thought it was endless. He thought the war would end by Christmas.”Everybody thought so, not one world war started as a world war. Everybody thought it would end quickly, by Christmas. They will march on Paris, we will march on Berlin.He added: “They’re already preparing their society for a long war.”A long difficult war that they intend to win. We should start preparing our society for a long difficult war.”Not for a victory march, not for quick victories but precisely for a long difficult war.”CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

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