Vladimir Putin stashes £12.3bn fund in Africa as he plans grand escape from Russia

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Vladimir Putin has allegedly stashed £12.3billion in cash and gold in “underground warehouses” in Africa. The Russian leader is trusting the Wagner private military group with the protection of his escape fund in the Central African Republic.Putin took the time to speak to Faustin Arcange Touadera, the President of the African state, on Friday, according to official state media in Russia.A statement from the Russian government said: “The presidents expressed the shared intention to intensify bilateral political, trade and economic cooperation, including in the fuel and energy sector.”But General SVR Telegram channel claimed the meeting between the two leaders was aimed as security “the loyalty” of the African President.The Telegram channel claimed that Putin “considers the Central African Republic as one of two options for evacuation in an emergency situation for himself and his loved ones, outside the territory of the Russian Federation”.It added: “Now Putin considers the possibility of evacuation as realistic, so it is important for him to understand that there are options and they are quite feasible.”The anonymous channel has long claimed Putin is battling with cancer and has said that sources inside the Kremlin say the Russian leader has lost 18lbs.Ambassadors from the 30 alliance nations gathered in Brussels on Wednesday for emergency talks.The missile strike Tuesday deepened international tension over Moscow’s nearly nine-month war against Ukraine and added to fears of a possible escalation.It hit a rural area of Poland near the border with Ukraine.The strike underlined the perils of the war in Eastern Europe, which could spiral out of control and spread beyond Ukraine.Poland said it was considering calling for emergency consultations under Article 4 of NATO’s founding treaty, which provides for such talks if one of the 30 allies considers that its territory might be under threat. But Wednesday’s meeting did not appear to be Article 4 consultations.

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