‘Who in the Lord’s name?!’ Joe Biden loses it with Vladimir Putin during press conference

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Joe Biden delivered a press conference where he revealed the US would be imposing harsh sanctions on Russia following the movement of their troops into parts of eastern Ukraine and deplored the actions of Vladimir Putin. Mr Biden cried out “who in the lord’s name” gives Mr Putin the right to claim parts of Ukraine and to breach international law. The fiery press conference however was marred by a lack of reporter questions as Mr Biden quickly fled the scene once his speech was complete.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Biden announced new sanctions against Russia targetting its banks meaning it can no longer raise its foreign debt using Western financial institutions. 

Analysts say it will hurt Russia’s capability to wage war if it can not generate the funds to do so. 

Mr Biden said: “So I’m going to begin to impose sanctions in response far beyond the steps we and our allies and partners implemented in 2014.

“And if Russia goes further with this invasion, we stand prepared to go further, as with sanctions, who in the Lord’s name does Putin think gives him the right to declare new so-called countries on territory that belong to its neighbours?

“This is a flagrant violation of international law and demands a firm response from the international community.”

Mr Biden also warned Moscow that it would “pay an even steeper price if it continues its aggression” towards Ukraine and the West.

He added: “He is setting up a rationale to take more territory by force in my view . . . He’s setting up a rationale to go much further.”

However, Mr Biden quickly fled the press conference once he was finished and said: “I probably have more to say about this as it moves on, I am hoping diplomacy is still available, thank you all very much.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss appeared on Sky News to give an update on the situation and shot down suggestions the UK was being too soft.

She explained it was the toughest range of sanctions they could impose currently and said there were many more measures kept in the locker to react to further Russian aggression.

French President Emmanuel Macron had been heralded earlier this week for appearing to fix a summit between the US and Russia during crunch talks over the weekend.

However, while a summit has been agreed in principle, the latest events in Ukraine appear to tell a different story as Mr Macron was ridiculed by National Rally leader Marine Le Pen for his gloating.

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