Why Opposition Parties Are So Soft ( Abdi-Shotaly).

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N.B There Will Not Be No Second chance But Should Do All Out Wars Of Everything Or Nothing.

Although all Somaliland
dignitaries from every society around the country Including Religious Sheikhs,
Suldans of all tribes, Business people, intellectuals, Politicians and so many
others were tried hard in every effort to solve the argumentative issues that
broke out between this Deaf Soldier’s Administration and opposition parties,
yet again Qudhmiye  authorities refuses
to take part in the most recent mediation delegations to bring this political
crisis to an end. Clearly he states in his video that there will not be no
elections held together but separately. I believe this was the last trial made
by the Somaliland public figures. It seems like Qudhmiye is sticking to its
guns and holding on with every option to get its way. Regardless of breaking
every law in Somaliland. There are definitely want to get there point across
and achieve what they want regardless of the consequences. The question we all
need to ask ourselves is How long can Somaliland bear the burden of this so
called political crisis?. How long can the country continue like this?


There is only 77 days
left for Soldier’s Administration and his term in office.

Dictator’s aims and
objective is to never hold an election in Somaliland.

This political crisis
that he has created is to waste time and an avoidant to cover up his real
intentions of terminating the two opposition parties on December 26th 2022. I
see two weak opposition parties who have no sense of direction, no vision, no
strategy, what so ever, everything they try is in Vain or accepting what was
forwarded by useless mediators. If the opposition parties want to over through
the current regime they have to change their strategy 360 degrees.


There will not be
no  Second chance but should  do all out or nothing.Freedom comes at it’s
costs and no one will not given to you on invitations, it needs to push in
bullet and hard working. The opposition parties have to go all out these last
77 days and make sure this dictator should feel the heat of opposition’s hell
other wise they would not give up. The demonstrations have to continue until
November 13th without any interruption, the people have to stop paying the
taxes. This regime must taste the consequences of it’s illegal actions. The
oppositions must emphasis to get the national people’s emotions and let them
know this is not what we fought for over 31 years ago, just replace a dictator
with another dictatorship makes no sense, they have to activate the people,
make them lead to wake them up and let them realize what they are fighting for.
clans of all Regions are now ready to support, for that sake they have to take
chance before they loose.


 * N.B There Will Not Be No Second chance But
Should Do All Out Wars Of Everything Or Nothing.

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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